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ATTAR provides you with the latest and up-to-date flooring solutions

Flooring Services

ATTAR specialises in all types of flooring complaints on small or large residential and commercial projects like broadloom, woven and modular carpets, resilient flooring, floor coatings, moisture testing and preparation of subfloors, ceramic tiles and other various tiles and pavers.

Our Services

ATTAR specialises in the following services:

  • Preparing floor covering specifications and tender documents
  • Reviewing the risk management on a project
  • Project and compliance management including NATA accredited testing to Australian, ASTM and European Standards
  • ICRI Certified moisture testing technicians and subfloor remediation services
  • Forensic determination of product faults or onsite product failures for all textile, resilient, subfloor preparation, moisture related failures and floor coating installation
  • Investigation and evaluation of onsite conditions prior to and during the installation of floor coverings, to ensure floor coverings and other materials are being installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and Australian Standards
  • Remediation of problems, replacement and organising repair services where applicable

ATTAR undertakes dispute resolution for any sized project, be it small or large, residential or commercial. Our services include:

  • Moisture related flooring failures
  • Slip testing compliance to Australian Standards and NCC regulations
  • Slip accident investigation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation between parties
  • Settlement recommendations
  • Quality issues relating to the product or installation

ATTAR specialises in all types of documentation for any sized floor covering project, whether it be residential or commercial, to ensure the floor coverings selected are fit for purpose with respect to performance, construction, aesthetics, and maintenance, so as to mitigate risk on behalf of our clients.

This includes the writing and preparation of flooring specifications, tender documents, defects reports, flooring audits, etc.

It is our experience that the specification of the incorrect flooring type, incorrect flooring construction or incorrect colour can cause large and costly problems for the end client. Products incorrectly specified that are not fit for purpose can potentially require premature replacement and additional maintenance costs which can lead to unhappy clients.

Specifying the correct flooring type, colour, construction and floor preparation for each individual project is critical to achieving the desired outcome. 

ATTAR has assisted several clients with preparing technical documents to safeguard their flooring assets.

ATTAR covers everything from selecting the right moisture barrier (where required), flooring type, the installation including floor preparation, recyclability of the flooring at the end of its warranty period, as well as the flooring maintenance.

ATTAR is well known throughout the floor covering industry and aware of the latest technological advancements in all areas of flooring, floor preparation and flooring equipment.

We regularly work with manufacturers of tufted broadloom carpet, modular carpet, woven carpets, resilient sheet, tile & plank, epoxy/polyurethane coatings, subfloor preparations and adhesives. This enables us to provide clients with the latest, most up-to-date flooring solutions and designs, whilst keeping within our client’s budgetary requirements.

ATTAR can project manage any project from a small residential to a large multi-million-dollar apartment or commercial building. Depending on the client requirements, we can start working with the appointed architect/designers, at the time of the floor covering specification, or assist during the project or at the completion of a project if there is dissatisfaction with the overall appearance and/or performance of the floorcovering.

Our services include moisture testing the subfloor prior to work commencing, the Quality Verification of the manufacture of the floor coverings and/or the Quality Verification of part or all sections of the project.

ATTAR’s services include:

  • Working with architects & designers on the construction and floor covering type prior to any floor covering being selected
  • Meeting with end clients to assist with the selection of the floor covering type
  • Inspections of the site conditions, subfloors, etc. prior to any work commencing and write up a scope of works to ensure the subfloors meet Australian Standards
  • Moisture testing subfloors to ensure they conform to Australian Standards and the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Inspect floor preparation during a project to ensure it is conforming to Australian Standards
  • Provide technical support throughout the project on moisture related issues and floor preparation
  • Quality Verification of the manufacture of the floor coverings and/or the Quality Verification of part or all sections of the project
  • Undertake site inspections throughout the project
  • Slip resistance testing

We can commence the project management of a project before the building has been constructed, during construction, near the completion of the project or at the completion of a project to supply a defects list to ensure the project is completed to high standards and within budget.

Projects include:

  • Rialto Towers Melbourne
  • Regis Aged Care
  • multiple Kmart & Coles stores
  • 121 Exhibition Street
  • 80 Collins Street

ATTAR speacialises in all types of textile floor covering specifications, defects, installation and comprising the following:

  • Tufted carpet
  • Woven carpet
  • Carpet tiles

ATTAR’s Senior Flooring Consultant, Don Considine is on the Floor Covering Institute of Australia and Carpet Institute of Australia Textile Technical Committees and is regularly recommended by both associations for dispute resolution, moisture testing and any other service related to the specification and installation of textile floor coverings.

Don is also the only independent consultant in Australia who sits on the Australian and ASTM Textile technical committees.

ATTAR specialises in all types of resilient floor covering specifications, defects and installation, comprising the following:

  • Vinyl sheet and tiles
  • Vinyl planks
  • Hybrid flooring
  • Rubber sheet & tile

ATTAR’s Senior Flooring Consultant, Don Considine is on the Floor Covering Institute of Australia’s Resilient Technical Committee and is regularly recommended for dispute resolution, moisture testing and any other service related to the specification and installation of resilient floor coverings.

Don also sits on both the Australian and ASTM Technical Committees for resilient flooring.

ATTAR consults on all aspects of subfloor preparation, from writing specifications for projects about to be built to refurbishments that require substantial floor preparation to bring them up to requirements of the Australian Standards. Our services comprise:

  • Moisture testing prior to any work commencing to see what (if any) moisture barriers are required
  • Inspections and reporting of the subfloor prior to, during and after the job has been completed
  • Details of the subfloor planeness and smoothness in comparison to Australian Standards
  • Methodologies on how to prepare the subfloor to get full warranties from the manufacturers of all materials including the floor covering manufacturer
  • Inspection of the subfloor preparation during the job to sign off on the quality of the work being undertaken
  • Recommendations on suitable moisture barriers
  • Recommendations on adhesives

ATTAR can assist in training your staff on how to moisture test subfloors or install specialist resilient and textile floor coverings.

ATTAR operates a NATA accredited laboratory providing slip resistance testing, accelerated wear testing and luminance contrast testing.

ATTAR also works with other NATA accredited labs to offer a vast array of testing in accordance with Australian, ASTM and European Standards

ATTAR also provides onsite inspections to determine what type of testing is required to determine the cause of any problems onsite.

Who We help

Our clients include:

  • Multi-national corporations
  • Government Departments
  • Aged Care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Floor covering manufacturers
  • Builders
  • Commercial and residential flooring contractors
  • Large supermarket and retail chains


Our Consultant

Don Considine has been involved in the floor covering industry for over 40 years. He started as an apprentice flooring installer in his parent’s business in Katoomba and was a flooring installer for over 14 years.

Afterwards, Don joined Homfray/Hycraft who were a carpet manufacturer and then went to United Carpet Mills and then Tuftmaster Carpet where Don was NSW State Commercial Sales Manager and then National Commercial Sales Manager.

In 2008, Don became an independent consultant at IKW Consulting and recently joined ATTAR in February 2021.

The fact that Don is on the Australian Standards Committees for Textile Floor coverings and Resilient Flooring demonstrate his expertise and he is one of the most respected floor covering consultants in Australia. He is the only consultant who sits in both committees and this show his standing within the floor covering industry in general.

Don’s analysis of complaints are objective, completely unbiased and independent and having worked as an independent consultant for over 13 years, Don’s experience in the floor covering industry makes him uniquely qualified to view complaints as he is one of only a few independent consultants who has been an installer, retail and commercial sales, manufacturing and an independent consultant.

Don is the only independent consultant in Australia who sits on all the textile and resilient floor covering committees in the country as well as ASTM Committees.

These committees include:

  • AS 2455 & 3733 Standards committees for Textile Floor coverings
  • AS 1884 for resilient floor covering
  • ASTM F06 for resilient floor coverings
  • ASTM D13 for Textiles
  • FCIA Resilient flooring technical committee
  • FCIA Textile flooring technical committee
  • Carpet Institute Technical Committee

Don is also one of the only two technicians who have been certified by the International Concrete Repair Institute in the US AS a Certified Concrete Slabs Moisture Testing Technician – Grade 1 and Don was also a member of the Innovation & Business Skills Australia Flooring Technologies Technical Panel.


Why Choose ATTAR?

  • Independent advice
  • Decades of experience
  • Rapid response and turnaround
  • Skilled and highly qualified technical personnel