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ATTAR provides a wide range of analysis and testing services

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Analysis & Testing Services

Using advanced techniques and test equipment, ATTAR is equipped to identify material compositions and verify material properties of metals, polymers, composites and ceramics. ATTAR is also equipped to conduct product testing, either to relevant Australian and international standards or for comparative purposes.

Our Services

Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Low and high magnification imaging, identification of wear mechanisms, corrosion mechanisms, surface damage, coatings, weld macros.

Metallurgical analysis

Identification of microstructural phases, grain size, precipitates, defects, porosity, coating thickness.


Determination of failure mode, and fracture surface features.

Chemical analysis

Determination of chemical composition of metals and polymers, identification of foreign particulates and contamination, compositional mapping.

Thermal analysis

Determination of polymer melting point, glass transition temperature, degree of crystallinity, degree of cure, polymer purity, oxidation resistance and melt flow index.

Mechanical testing

Determination of material stress – strain relationship, yield stress, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, breaking load, flexural strength, compressive strength, bending stiffness and weld acceptance.

Hardness Testing

Determination of material hardness across the Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-Vickers and Shore hardness scales.

Adhesive Pull Off Testing

Determination of adhesion strength of adhesives and coatings.

Taber Abrasive Wear Testing

Determination of wear index of fabrics and coatings.

Weld Testing and Qualification

Examination, procedure and specification development, welder qualification assessments.

Dry Sand Abrasion Testing

Identification of the most appropriate wear material to use by testing materials on our dry sand abrasion test apparatus, which has been design in accordance with ASTM G65.

Rubber Abrasion Testing

Identification of the most appropriate polymer material to use for the application by testing materials on our rubber abrasion test apparatus, which has been design in accordance with ASTM 5963, DIN 53516 & ISO 4649.

Slurry Erosive Wear Testing

Determination of erosive properties of materials, including erosive resistance of solid materials to slurry composites, various materials can be tested such as polymers, plastics, hard materials, metallic components etc.


How We Help

Demonstrate compliance

ATTAR can help you identify the most relevant regulations and standards for your product and conduct testing to demonstrate compliance.

Identify foreign materials

ATTAR can help you identify contamination found within your product and it is likely origin.

Verify quality

ATTAR can help you verify your supplier’s quality using a suite of materials and mechanical tests to ensure they are supplying what they say they are.     


Why Choose ATTAR?

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