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ATTAR Provides Materials Selection & Engineering Advice

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Materials Selection & Engineering

ATTAR can provide qualified advice on the correct selection of materials for any size project. Correct material selection prior to manufacture or repair of components is essential as the results of poor selection can be catastrophic, with assets and lives being placed at risk. In addition, ATTAR's Materials Engineering services fills the voids that customers may have within their organization in respect to specialist technical services, in particular in relation to materials and metallurgical matters.

Our Services

Qualified advice on materials selection

ATTAR can assist you in the scientific process of materials selection by providing guidance and expertise in evaluating criteria such as strength requirements, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, thermal performance, heat treatment, weldability, and the selection of welding consumables.

Interpretation of Standards and Specifications

ATTAR offers expert guidance in interpreting industry standards and specifications, ensuring that your materials and components meet regulatory requirements and quality standards.

Development of Purchase Specifications

We collaborate with clients to develop tailored purchase specifications that align with project requirements and objectives.

Identification of inspection and test regimes during manufacture

ATTAR excels in devising comprehensive inspection and test regimes for materials and components during the manufacturing process.

Advice on non-compliant test results during manufacture of components

In the event of non-compliant test results, our team at ATTAR can provide advice and strategies to address issues promptly.


Who We Help

  • Consumers
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Insurers
  • Asset owners & managers
  • Loss assessors
  • Lawyers


Why Choose ATTAR?

  • Experience: ATTAR’s team of specialist engineers have investigated thousands of failures, accidents and incidents.
  • Clarity & Objectivity: ATTAR’s emphasis is always on maintaining both the logical chain of evidence and objectivity, providing meaningful information instead of jargon.
  • Expertise: ATTAR understand all aspects of a material, from refining and processing to manufacture through to their properties and performance characteristics.