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Overhead Line Corrosion Inspection

ATTAR’s non-destructive corrosion inspection of overhead lines is capable of detecting internal corrosion before it is visible or measurable by infra-red methods. Internal corrosion is a major factor limiting the life of steel reinforced aluminium conductors. While a conductor may experience some general corrosion over time, more concerning is the serious localised loss of the protective coatings on the internal supporting steel core, caused by local environmental conditions.
ATTAR has extensive experience assessing the condition of overhead lines for the power transmission and distribution industry.

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Overhead Line Corrosion

Our Overhead Line Corrosion testing provides an assessment of the level of corrosion in the steel supporting reinforcement of the aluminum conductor, providing information on the performance and projected life of the power line.

The technology ATTAR uses provides information on the condition of the conductor well in advance of infra-red or visual inspection methods and can provide information on the condition of an entire span of power line.

This information can be used to form a network-wide condition map, identifying and prioritising replacement and maintenance scheduling, preventing unpredicted failure of conductors.

This method also requires minimal disruption to the network as it is conducted on live and de-energised power lines.


How We Help

No downtime

The advanced testing methods ATTAR utilise can be undertaken on both energised and de-energised line, removing any disruption to the network.

Minimise expensive inspections

Traditional NDT and inspection methods often require complete asset isolation, with expensive and lengthy wind-down procedures. ATTAR’s condition monitoring provides information on if such inspections are necessary in the short and medium term, minimising unnecessary costs and allowing prioritisation of the assets.

Keep your assets and people safe

Regular condition monitoring provides a record of the condition of an asset throughout its life. This information allows for changes in condition to be analysed and life cycle estimates to be developed, significantly reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures and ensuring the safety of all asset users.


Who We Help

  • Asset Owners
  • Asset Managers
  • Maintenance Contractors


Why Choose ATTAR?

  • Experience: ATTAR has conducted testing on an enormous range of assets and applications.
  • Expertise: Qualified technicians with decades of experience.
  • Results: Early and rapid detection of defects, corrosion or leaks.