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AINDT ISO9712 Ultrasonics Level 2 Forgings

Ultrasonics Level 2



Ultrasonics testing can be used to detect flaws in forgings. This level two course expands on ultrasonics testing techniques used in forgings, starting to develop your specialised knowledge in this area.

Course Overview

In this level two course, you will develop applied knowledge of ultrasonics testing of forgings, digging into the details and techniques required to ensure a forging’s integrity and serviceability.

The skills and knowledge developed in this practical and active course will benefit technicians working in foundaries, or in any industry or workplace that utilises cast products.

Course Prerequisites

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of ATTAR’s intensive level two course, you will have a demonstrated ability and the confidence to apply forgings testing techniques in compliance with AS 1065 or equivalent. You will also be eligible to become level two AINDT qualified.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder.

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Ultrasonics level 2