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AINDT ISO9712 Magnetic Particles Level 1, 2 & 3

Magnetic Particles


Level 1

Develop a strong theoretical foundation of the basics of magnetic particle testing, including terminology, key concepts, equipment and reporting, and practise the key practical skills used in testing.

Level 2

Master the practical aspects of testing and discover the finer details of magnetic particles testing, gaining an understanding of testing sequences, evaluation, reporting, product standards, assessments of indications and discontinuities, and much more.

Level 3

Dive deeper into every facet of magnetic particles testing in this theoretical course, including advanced application aspects, critical environmental and safety conditions, as well as personnel qualification.

Course Overview

In ATTAR’s courses, you will learn how to implement testing methods, and gain a robust understanding of all aspects of its application from the theoretical background of the method, through to testing, and the reporting and evaluation of results.

Our Level 1 course provides a broad, foundational knowledge of magnetic particles testing. You will understand the terminology and history of testing, key concepts and capabilities, and develop knowledge of products, reporting and equipment used. You will also gain key practical skills, with 50 per cent of the course comprising training in practical testing.

In Level 2, you will gain a stronger and more detailed understanding of the properties of materials, characteristics of testing methods, product standards, assessments of indications and discontinuities, and more. Like in Level 1, 50 per cent of this Level 2 course comprises training in practical testing.

The Level 3 course is a theoretical course. You will gain an advanced understanding of all aspects of magnetic particles testing methods, building on the Level 1 and 2 knowledge and covering quality aspects including personnel qualification, documentation, and critical environmental and safety conditions. 

From mining to engineering to research and development, ATTAR’s magnetic particles testing courses are widely applicable across a range of industries, equipping you with the skills to inspect castings, forgings, welds and more.

Course Prerequisites

Learning Outcome

Across ATTAR’s magnetic particles testing courses, you will gain a strong foundation and conceptual understanding of magnetic particle testing across a wide range of applications. Covering welding processes, terms and factors, you will learn how to identify and distinguish different discontinuities. You will also learn how to prevent discontinuities, and develop a strong understanding of magnetic particles testing as a form of nondestructive testing, including codes, parameters, components, assessment, evaluation and reporting.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder.

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