ATTAR acquires Exceed Consulting

Exceed Consulting joins ATTAR’s forensic engineering division

We are pleased to announce our recent acquisition of Exceed Consulting, which occurred on 1st July 2022.  Given the strength and recognition of both the ATTAR and Exceed Consulting brands, both companies will continue utilising their respective trading names.

Founded in 1986, ATTAR was established to conduct materials testing and research using the most advanced techniques available and to provide high-quality NDT training to the Australian industry.  From its facilities in Melbourne, Perth and Townsville, ATTAR provides forensic engineering, materials, mechanical and electrical failure analysis, fire investigations, materials and mechanical testing, expert witness services, compliance testing, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing training, examination and consultancy services and professional writing training.

Exceed Consulting facility in Perth, WA.

Exceed Consulting Metallurgists & Materials Technologists

Established in 2003, Exceed Consulting was formed to provide metallurgical failure analysis, materials engineering, welding engineering, material identification and selection, specialist inspection and testing services and asset inspection.  Boasting both national and international clients from all industries, Exceed has successfully assisted in solving complex problems related to materials technology and failure analysis of components.

Exceed Consulting shares ATTAR’s values and strong customer focus. Both companies’ combined capability and expertise open an exciting new chapter in our shared history and adds considerable value to clients seeking end-to-end solutions. 

We look forward to introducing you to our Exceed team members shortly.

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