AINDT ISO9712 Ultrasonics Level 2 CDM

Ultrasonics Level 2

Corrosion Detection & Mapping


If corrosion or erosion is not detected and monitored appropriately, the consequences can be catastrophic. Gain a Level 2 qualification in ultrasonic corrosion and erosion monitoring through ATTAR’s specialised course.

Course Overview

In this practical one-week course, you will learn how to use ultrasonics testing to detect and map corrosion and erosion of assets and gain eligibility to apply for AINDT ISO 9712 Ultrasonic Level 2 CDM (Corrosion Detection & Mapping) and become a trained and certified operator.

Building on the skills developed in AINDT ISO 9712 Ultrasonic Testing Level 1, this course combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning to extend your skills deeper into the detection and mapping of corrosion and erosion. You will be introduced to the techniques and equipment used to detect corrosion and erosion, gaining the specialised skills in detection and mapping required when the corrosion and erosion is not parallel to the entry surface, or possesses a challenging, reflective surface.

This is an ideal course for NDT technicians who work or intend to work in site maintenance, and is particularly relevant to oil, gas and mining industries.

Course Prerequisites

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of this course, you will have developed Level 2 knowledge in the method and techniques of detecting corrosion and erosion in materials using ultrasonics. You will also gain a thorough understanding of how to map the size and depth of the corrosion and erosion affecting the assets.

You will be adept in the techniques to apply and will be able to problem solve, work independently and sign reports on corrosion and erosion detecting and mapping.

Completion of this course will meet the training pre-requisite for the AINDT ISO 9712 Ultrasonic Level 2 CDM.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder

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Ultrasonics level 2