Technical assurance & equipment approval

ATTAR offers a range of technical assurance, approval and advisory services to government and private sector entities. This includes third party verification of critical or high-risk components and supplies, specialist advice on testing/inspection implementation and assistance with statutory equipment approvals. Clients gain the benefit of ATTAR’s broad base of engineering and materials expertise combined with a deep understanding of assurance and compliance frameworks.

Supply chain assurance

ATTAR provides independent inspection, technical auditing and supply chain verification to provide confidence in the quality of your supplied products/materials and services. For critical or high-risk components and supplies, third party verification can extend through all supply layers. Services may relate to a single engineering project or to ongoing assurance over a supplier network.

Test & inspection advisory service

ATTAR provides expert advice on testing and inspection, including independent qualifying of testing procedures and personnel. This provides a path for companies to reduce risk through increased assurance over the compliance results achieved for their products or assets. ATTAR also supports the providers of testing services, by offering comprehensive ISO 17025 laboratory compliance advice.

Statutory equipment approvals

ATTAR specialise in acoustic emission testing of structures and equipment, to deliver an overall assessment of structural integrity.  Asset classes include pressure equipment, storage tanks, lifting equipment and vehicles. Equipment strip-down costs can be reduced where acoustic emission is incorporated into scheduled inspections such as for ten-year overhauls of lifting equipment (including elevating work platforms and cranes). 

Who do we help?

  • Asset owners and facility operators
  • Government procurement departments
  • Operators of statutory equipment
  • Construction and engineering companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Testing laboratories

Why do clients choose us?

  • Independent advice and decades of experience
  • Broad range of engineering and materials expertise
  • Highly qualified (BEng, BSc, PhD, NDT L3) staff
  • Deep knowledge of assurance and compliance frameworks

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