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In addressing risk, you need a trusted partner

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In addressing risk, you need a trusted partner

Property Compliance

ATTAR offers a range of compliance and risk assessment services to identify foreseeable hazards affecting users of buildings and facilities and to address legislative requirements. A range of testing protocols, both qualitative and quantitative, are available to support the compliance assessment process.

ATTAR also assists clients that require incident investigation and can supply experienced expert witnesses that specialise in areas of property risk and compliance.

Our Services

Essential Safety Measures and Site Safety Reports

Assessment of occupied buildings to the relevant regulatory requirements, including:

  • Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports
  • Door Reports
  • Stairways Reports
  • Egress Reports
  • Slip Resistance Reports
  • Defect Summary Reports
  • Full Function Witness Report
  • Maintenance Determination

Incident Investigation and Expert Witness Services 

Provision of an Expert Witness Report following an incident, based on expert on-site inspection and measurement of all relevant parameters.

Slab Moisture Testing and Flooring Failure Investigation

Slab relative humidity testing to meet AS1884 (lino, resilient flooring) and AS 2455.1 (carpet, carpet tiles).  Expert investigation of flooring system failure, including substrate, adhesive and floor covering issues.

Slip testing

Testing of flooring surfaces in accordance with AS 4663, Handbook SA HB 198 and National Construction Code (NCC) requirements. Accelerated Wear testing to assess the ability of a floor or walkway surface to maintain slip resistance properties.

Lighting and contrast assessment

Testing for luminance contrast in relation to building elements, stair nosing, tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI) and disability access surfaces to assess compliance with AS 1428 and National Construction Code (NCC) requirements. Evaluation of interior illumination in accordance with AS 1680 and exterior illumination in accordance with AS/NZS 1158 in order to assess compliance and to examine contributing factors for accidents which may have occurred.   


How we help

Demonstrate legislative compliance

We carry out inspection and testing of the physical environment to establish legislative compliance with regard to human safety. Evaluations include applicable elements of the National Construction Code (NCC), State building regulations and Australian Standards.

Mitigate risk exposure

We provide advice on reducing or eliminating specific risks that we have identified, based on our extensive experience in preparing expert reports for property loss and personal injury legal cases.

Investigate incidents

We provide comprehensive incident investigations, identifying both the failure mechanism (the ‘how’) and the root cause (the ‘why’), by means of specialised inspection and testing of the physical environment.


Who we help

  • Building and property owners (private property, public facilities, commercial buildings)
  • Providers of facility management services
  • Parties seeking technical support for legal purposes


Why choose ATTAR?

  • Independent advice and decades of experience
  • Rapid response and turnaround
  • Skilled and highly qualified technical personnel
  • NATA accredited (ISO 17025) for on-site slip assessments for over twenty years
  • ATTAR has supplied expert witness services in the Magistrates, County, Supreme, District, Federal and Coroners Courts as well at VCAT.