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ATTAR helps you mitigate the risk of moisture related flooring failures

Moisture Testing of Concrete Subfloors

Even though you might not see a problem with a floor, hidden within the concrete subfloor, there may be high levels of moisture reported in Relative Humidity (RH) which often results in moisture related flooring failures. It is the responsibility of the builder and/or installer to ensure that the subfloor moisture content complies with the floor covering and adhesive manufacturers requirements, in addition to the Australian Standards for floor covering installation.

ATTAR tests in accordance with Australian Standards AS 2455.1:2019, Textile flooring coverings – Installation practice, Part 1: General, Australian Standards AS 2455.2:2019, Textile flooring coverings – Installation practice Carpet tiles, Part 2: Carpet tiles and Australian Standards AS 1884:2021, Floor coverings – Resilient sheet and tiles – Installation practices.  

Small 19mm sensor-holes are drilled into the slab as required by the Standard, with digital sensors inserted and readings wirelessly measured 24 hours later.  The holes are then made-good with a cementitious grout.

Whilst new concrete slabs often retain their high levels of moisture, older slabs can also be problematic and need testing due to changes in local environmental conditions or the absence of under slab moisture protection i.e. vapour retarder.


Moisture testing is quick and unobtrusive with no interruption during the construction phase. 

By moisture testing before installation, you have documented proof that the subfloor meets the Australian Standards and manufacturers requirements, ensuring you are protected should conditions change in the future.

It is proven that, by undertaking moisture testing prior to floor coverings being installed, you can avoid up to three times the cost of the original flooring covering installation in the event of a failure.

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Our flooring expert is Don Considine. Previously, he was a Director at IKW Consulting for over eight years and was responsible for consulting on general flooring and moisture-related flooring failures. If you have any questions, you can contact our expert via donconsidine@attar.com.au or 0456 238 018.