Failure analysis & forensic engineering

ATTAR’s has been providing failure analysis and forensic engineering services for over 30 years to help both determine cause and ascertain liability. These services allow you to determine if the failure relates to a material, design, manufacturing or misuse problem or if an accident or incident relates to non-compliance to the relevant standards, codes, rules or regulations.

We help you

Determine root cause

ATTAR can help you determine the root cause of material and products failures, identifying both the failure mechanism (the ‘how’) and the root cause (the ‘why’).

We help you

Investigate accidents & incidents

ATTAR can help you investigate accidents and incidents relating to personal injuries.

We help you

Demonstrate compliance

ATTAR can help you with legislative reviews and compliance assessments for materials, products, and facilities to demonstrate compliance with relevant codes, standards, rules, and regulations.

We help you

Identify contamination

ATTAR can help protect your brand by quickly identify foreign particles, fibres, deposits, debris or discolouration, found during manufacture or returned by your customer.

Who do we help?

  • Consumers
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Insurers
  • Asset owners & managers
  • Loss assessors
  • Lawyers

Why do clients choose us?

  • Experience: ATTAR’s team of specialist engineers have investigated thousands of failures, accidents and incidents.
  • Clarity & Objectivity: ATTAR’s emphasis is always on maintaining both the logical chain of evidence and objectivity, providing meaningful information instead of jargon.
  • Expertise: ATTAR understand all aspects of a material, from refining and processing to manufacture through to their properties and performance characteristics.