Expert witness services

ATTAR’s experienced expert witness team has been providing independent expert witness services to individuals, lawyers, loss assessors, insurers and government agencies such as Workcover and the Police. These services have spanned Tribunals, Magistrates, District, County, Supreme, Federal and Coroners Courts.

We help you

Demonstrate compliance

ATTAR can help you evaluate and substantiate conformance to relevant Australian or International Standards.

We help you

Resolve disputes

ATTAR can present evidence and expert witness testimony to help resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation and hearings with VCAT.

We help you

Determine root cause

ATTAR can help you identify the root cause of a failure or incident through comprehensive investigation and testing.

We help you

Decipher technical jargon

ATTAR can help you decipher technical documents and reports and provide opinion in laymen’s terms.

Who do we help?

  • Consumers
  • Manufacturers
  • Insurers
  • Loss assessors
  • Lawyers
  • Government Agencies

Why do clients choose us?

  • Experience: ATTAR has provided expert witness services in Tribunals, Magistrates, District, County, Supreme, Federal and Coroners Courts around Australia.
  • Clarity & Objectivity: ATTAR’s emphasis is always on maintaining both the logical chain of evidence and objectivity, providing meaningful information instead of jargon.
  • Expertise: ATTAR’s experienced expert witness team consists of qualified engineers, who understanding the importance of conducting independent evaluations, investigations and analysis.

Areas of expertise

  • Slip, trip and fall incidents
  • Manual handling personal injuries
  • Faulty equipment personal injuries
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Metallurgy
  • Materials selection and processing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aviation maintenance
  • Foreign material identification
  • Building materials
  • Diesel engines and generators
  • Products failures
  • Engine failures
  • Mechanical plant failures
  • Flooring and tiling failures
  • Plumbing failures

Expert witness team

Gary Martin


Adrian Grosvenor


Paul Grosser

General Manager Training & Technical Director

David Padfield

Snr Materials & Testing Engineer

Margarita Vargas

Snr Consulting Engineer

Rohan Byrnes

SNR materials engineer

Daniel King

Materials & Testing Engineer

Darren Cram


Marcus Brache

Snr Engineering Technician