AINDT ISO9712 Ultrasonics Level 1

Ultrasonics Level 1


This testing method uses high frequency sound waves to identify imperfections in materials. In ATTAR’s highly regarded level one course, gain solid background knowledge, practical experience and confidence in the ultrasonic inspection.

Course Overview

With a focus on practical demonstrations, hands-on activities and foundation knowledge, in ATTAR’s highly regarded level one ultrasonics course, you will gain valuable skills and expertise in ultrasonics testing methods.

As the perfect starting point for your learning journey in ultrasonic thickness testing, this course will provide value to technicians in a range of industries including engineering, service inspection, foundries, mining, aviation, engineering, research and development and manufacturing.

Course Prerequisites

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of ATTAR’s level one course, you will have the confidence and ability to apply testing techniques in compliance with ISO 16809. You will be eligible to apply to become AINDT qualified in level one ultrasonics, and to go on to pursue further specialisation in ultrasonic testing including welds, castings and forgings.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder.

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