AINDT ISO9712 Ultrasonics Level 2 Conveyor Belt

Ultrasonics Level 2

Conveyor Belt


It is essential that conveyor belts remain in good condition to be used effectively. In ATTAR’s Ultrasonics Conveyor Belt testing course, you will learn how to conduct a basic thickness survey of commonly used rubber conveyor belts, allowing you to proactively monitor their condition.

Course Overview

In this unique course, you will develop the practical and theoretical knowledge to monitor the condition of in-service conveyor belt products and maintain their functionality to avoid downtime and potential safety risks. The course allows you to test many types of conveyor belts, building a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that you can apply to your career. 

Conveyor belt testing is most widely used in the mining industry, however, this course will be valuable to workers in any industry where conveyor belts are utilised.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this course, you will have a range of new skills to apply to your industry, including the ability to calibrate an ultrasonic set to conduct a thickness survey on a rubber conveyor belt reinforced by fabric or steel. You will also be able to use this set to read thicknesses of conveyor belts, and have a sound understanding of the common issues to look out for when testing conveyor belts.

Note: if you wish to be trained on a specific ultrasonics set, please bring it with you to the course and we will be able to assist.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder.

We recommend students to bring their own equipment to use to cater the training.

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Ultrasonics level 2