AINDT ISO9712 Ultrasonics Level 2 Casting

Ultrasonics Level 2



Ultrasonics testing is highly effective in identifying flaws in cast products. In this level two course, develop your knowledge in ultrasonics testing of castings, in line with relevant Australian standards.

Course Overview

In ATTAR’s intensive level two course, you will participate in practical demonstrations and hands-on activities to gain confidence and knowledge in ultrasonics testing techniques used for castings.

Building on the concepts covered in ATTAR’s level one course, this course will benefit technicians working in any industry that uses cast products, including additive manufacturing, aviation, refineries, foundries, engineering, and more.

Course Prerequisites

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this practical and highly relevant course, you will be able to apply testing techniques to castings in accordance with AS 2574 or equivalent. You will also be eligible to become level two AINDT qualified.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder.

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Ultrasonics level 2