AINDT ISO9712 Liquid Penetrant Testing Level 1, 2 & 3

Liquid Penetrant Testing


Level 1

Develop an understanding of the terminology, history and concepts of penetrant testing, and the steps to take to successfully apply the testing method.

Level 2

Building on the knowledge gained in Level 1, dive deeper into the products used and techniques involved in liquid penetrant testing. Learn more specialised techniques and explore equipment, operation and assessment.

Level 3

Gain advanced knowledge on the details of liquid penetrant testing, including objects, test conditions and application standards, and master testing parameters evaluation and reporting.

Course Overview

ATTAR’s penetrant testing courses will equip you with valuable skills in liquid penetrant testing, allowing you to apply this non-destructive testing method to identify imperfections in an object or surface.

In the highly practical Level 1 course, you will be introduced to the history and foundations of penetrant testing, gaining an understanding of key principles and concepts. You will also learn about testing preparation, parameters and settings, as well as factors affecting the quality of testing, and receive an introduction to evaluation and reporting.

Level 2 builds on the content covered in Level 1, then goes deeper into the products and techniques used, as well as the method’s capability and limitations. You will learn how to adapt to differing light and circumstances, and learn more about equipment, design and operation of penetrant installations and units, as well as assessment.

Level 3 focuses on what happens in the lead-up to testing taking place – including objects, test conditions, application standards and instructions. It also offers a more advanced approach to testing parameters, evaluation, reporting, assessment and application.

Penetrant testing is a versatile method of non-destructive testing and is widely used, but is prevalent in service inspections, smelters and foundaries, aviation, mining, engineering and more.

Course Prerequisites

Learning Outcome

Across ATTAR’s magnetic particles testing courses, you will gain a strong foundation and conceptual understanding of liquid penetrant testing across a wide range of applications. Covering welding processes, terms and factors, you will learn how to identify and distinguish different discontinuities. You will also learn how to prevent discontinuities, and develop a strong understanding of magnetic particles testing as a form of nondestructive testing, including codes, parameters, components, assessment, evaluation and reporting.

Course Duration

Course Material

Course material provided in the form of a folder.

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