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Testing Services

Analytical techniques can provide much-needed guidance throughout product development.  ATTAR’s engineers are well versed with specialised testing for materials & mechanical characterisation using the most advanced techniques available, including:

  • Stereographic Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy for elemental identification for all materials
  • Inverted Stage Optical Microscopy
    • Sample preparation and identification; characterisation of microstructures
  • Analytical Testing
    • FTIR, DSC, MFI and NMR analysis for polymeric materials to identify fundamental material properties such as composition, functional groups, melting point, glass transition, resistance to environmental degradation and many more
    • Optical Emission Spectrometry: metallic material analysis and alloy designation
    • Coating thickness assessment
  • Mechanical Testing
    • NATA accredited Vickers and Rockwell tests to AS 1817 and AS 1815
    • Tensile and impact testing, fracture mechanics and assessment of structures
    • Adhesion testing (automated)
  • Weld Examination
    • NATA accredited weld macro testing to AS 1554, 1665, 2205 and other standards
    • Sample preparation and identification of microstructures, including weld macro testing
  • Evaluations using destructive and non-destructive test methods
  • Corrosion and Erosion Assessment
    • Determination of mode of corrosion/erosion, and provision of recommendations on remediation and the suitability of materials for the service application


Olympus Stereomicroscope used to identify failure modes in various materials (mag. to 90x)