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Floor Consulting Services

Your investment in floor performance information  indicates awareness of your Duty of Care as an employer, owner, manager or occupier, to provide a safe working environment and safe access for visitors to your building.  In addition, performance evaluations can contribute significantly to your floor's value as an asset.

ATTAR adopts a balanced approach in floor selection, providing an unbiased point of view on decision making factors such as cost and aesthetics, which can highlight the potential for long term costs vs short term savings.  This involves input from a cross section of stakeholders including the floor supplier, specifier, cleaning contractor and the public.

ATTAR's comprehensive floor consultation services include:

Fitness for Intended Use

Floor surfaces may be seen as a reflection of your business; for example, glossy floors may enhance the feeling of open space and general cleanliness while retaining functionality.  Conversely, areas that need to account for a predominantly wet environment or inherently risky activities call for a bias on safety.   

ATTAR can help you avoid potential cost to your business when inadequate attention is given to all the elements of floor selection. These costs can be incurred from an oversight or assumptions about installation, safety, durability and the cost of maintenance.

New Material Specifications

Avoiding unexpected legal and remedial costs resulting from poor fit for purpose and/or slip injuries should be a consideration at the design stage. Supporting information on the design and selection of suitable floors, including their slip resistance properties, can be found in AS 1428.1: 2009 Design for access and mobility - General requirements for access - New building work, or by contacting one of ATTAR’s consultants.

Installation Advice

The most beautiful flooring in the world is useless if not installed properly.

Failures as a consequence of poor installation are common. While some failures may not be in your direct control; for example, some floors fail due to elevated moisture and/or alkalinity levels in the substrate; others such as improper use of adhesives and/or mixing & curing of materials, can be  managed. 

ATTAR can provide detailed specifications regarding critical factors such as proper conditions for installation, appropriate floor preparation, use of adhesives, moisture testing methods. 

Above all, ensure that your flooring contractor is competent and holds the proper qualifications before installation occurs.

Ongoing Monitoring Programs: Change in Slip Resistance Properties

The design stage also provides the opportunity to obtain information on the durability of the surface to maintain slip resistance over time. For example, some surfaces initially meet the minimum requirements for slip resistance, but in a short period of time can become hazardous due to wear from traffic and/or cleaning.

ATTAR can arrange to audit your slip testing program or develop one with you. We conduct routine testing to ensure security and peace of mind through demonstrating Duty of Care. Regular testing monitors variations in cleaning programs or environmental changes caused by such things as wear or building renovation.

Durability & Accelerated Wear Testing

Surface Deterioration:  A significant contribution to slips, trips and falls is the deterioration of the floor surface or walkway over time. What might start out as a suitable surface for slip resistance, may deteriorate rapidly from the harsh effects of traffic and/or cleaning; hence, regular testing is very important.

Increasingly used by tile manufacturers, importers, architects and property developers, Accelerated Wear Testing (AWT) has been developed in response to the demands of customers seeking assurance on the ability of their floor and walkway surfaces to maintain slip resistance properties. Providing greater confidence in tile selection and/or surface treatment, this method is based on the controlled application of an abrasive pad used in the commercial cleaning industry. The AWT can avert the costly process of replacing prematurely worn and slippery surfaces.

Surface Treatments

The application of surface treatments to existing flooring surfaces is an option that has gained popularity as the technology and the need for safer floors has grown. The increased range of options provides choice for clients but it can make a decision so complex it can hinder timely solutions.

Selecting the right surface treatment requires an understanding of critical factors involved.  ATTAR’s team of engineers and technicians can guide you with independent advice on the selection of the most appropriate surface treatment for your circumstances.

Maintenance Schemes

Cleaning regimes must optimise three critical parameters: sterility,  slip resistance, and cost-efficacy; different contaminants require different chemicals and procedures.  ATTAR can help you develop a specific regime to suit facility design, use & contamination.  

ATTAR has examined the care and maintenance of a pool surround and other surfaces, and provided guidance on the compromise between a suitable surface to achieve a minimum slip resistance rating and cleanability, taking into account health, hygiene and cost of maintenance. By understanding the specific maintenance required for particular environments and floor surface combinations, ATTAR can protect your assets while reducing both cost and risk associated with your assets.

Remediation Advice

See our report as published in the Municipal Association of Victoria workplace e-newsletter for a discussion on slip resistance and maintenance of pool concourse areas.


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