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Equipment Calibration, Parts and Repair

Equipment Calibration & Certification

ATTAR offers calibration services for the British Portable Skid Resistance Testers (Pendulum). Calibration is conducted to British Standard BS 7976-3: 2002 +A1: 2013 Pendulum Testers - Part 3: Method of Calibration, as required by AS 4586: 2013 and AS 4663: 2013.

ATTAR also offers performances checks and certification of Tortus instruments; however, unlike the wet pendulum, there is no calibration of the Tortus per se. To ensure that the Tortus remains in good working order, we suggest that a unit check with cross reference be performed every two (2) years, whereby the results of the Tortus are compared, over five surfaces.  Below are listed three of the services that ATTAR offers with respect to the Tortus:

SERVICES: (all include a report)

Tortus unit check (incl. check of distance/velocity) – no adjustments required

Tortus unit check + Distance/Velocity adjustment

Tortus unit check + Cross reference with ATTAR unit, over 5 surfaces








Consumables, Slider Sales

Slider 55 and 96 rubber complete with batch certificates are available for sale; these sliders are required for operation of the Tortus and Pendulum Machines.


Equipment Repair

ATTAR is also authorized to repair the Dry Floor Friction and British Portable Skid Resistance Testers.  Batteries are also available for in-house replacement.