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Eddy current


What Is Eddy Current?
In eddy current testing electrical currents are generated in a conductive material by an induced magnetic field. Distortions in the flow of the electric current (eddy currents) caused by imperfections or changes in a material’s conductive properties will cause changes in the induced magnetic field. These changes, when detected, indicate the presence of the imperfection or change in the test material.

Typical Applications
Thickness Determination of Materials
Conductivity Sorting of Materials
Inspection of Welds
Inspection of Aerospace Materials

A Career in Eddy Current

  • Careers can be in a variety of areas:
  • Service Inspection Companies
  • Smelters & Foundries
  • Rolling & Forging Mills
  • Petro Chemical & Refineries
  • Mining & Mineral Processing
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Government Bodies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Research & Development Facilities
  • Education & Training
  • Equipment Manufacture & Sales
  • Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment

What Courses Are Offered?
MEM24005B Perform Basic Eddy Current Testing (AQTF)
Eddy Current Level 2 (AINDT AQB) / MEM24006B Perform Eddy Current Testing (AQTF)
Eddy Current Level 3 (AINDT AQB)

Recommended Pre Course Study:
Basic Mathematics - Trigonometry and Algebra
Basis Electrical Theory –
Volt, Amp, Resistance, Impedance, Inductance

More information about the pre-requisites, training and assessment can be found in the ATTAR Student Handbook at our Downloads and Literature page.

Examples of typical math questions can be found at our Downloads and Literature page.

The course syllabus can be found at our Downloads and Literature page.