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Corrosion Control

Corrosion management includes all activities throughout an asset's lifetime that are performed to mitigate corrosion, to assess structural integrity, and to repair corrosion induced damage. 

The goal of corrosion management is to achieve longevity in service at the least cost. A cost-effective corrosion mitigation program optimises asset life and reduces unnecessary capital expenditure.  Better corrosion management can be achieved by implementing preventive and risk-based strategies during an asset's lifecycle.

ATTAR specializes in corrosion investigations used to determine asset life and condition, identify corrosion mechanisms and effective solutions.  Our specialty testing services include Acoustic Emission Testing and Transmission Line Corrosion Surveying, which are excellent Risk Based Inspection tools to optimise inspections, target maintenance schedules, and substantially reduce test time & costs associated with conventional methods.

Technological developments have produced an array of non-destructive testing (NDT) methods used for the detection, characterisation and quantification of corrosion damage,  each with its own advantages and limitations.  Accurately detecting corrosion in a cost effective and accurate manner can be a complex problem: choosing the most appropriate NDT method(s) requires consideration of the particulars of the situation, as well as intimate knowledge of NDT methodology, warranting the assistance of experts.  ATTAR's Level 3 NDT consultants are broadly experienced in the development and optimisation of NDT techniques and procedures, as well as NDT training, auditing and equipment selection.


Corrosion Management Strategies


  • Best practice education and training in recognition of corrosion control


  • Corrosion Mitigation & Prevention Strategies
    • Advanced design practices through better materials engineering
    • Corrosion resistant alloys, finishes and coatings


  • Corrosion Risk Assessment
    • Life prediction and performance assessment methods
    • Specialty Testing: Acoustic Emission, Transmission Line Corrosion Surveys
    • Corrosion Mechanism Analysis


  • Corrosion and Erosion Assessment
    • Determination of mode of corrosion/erosion, provision of recommendations on how to combat any problem encountered.