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Training Courses

ATTAR is an Authorised NDT Training Organisation

If you are interested in using your hands as well as your mind in a dynamic industry, Non Destructive Testing may be for you. As a Registered Training Organisation and Authorised Qualifying Body for both AINDT & BINDT, ATTAR is an industry leader in NDT training, providing expert classroom instruction in a multitude of NDT disciplines.

ATTAR delivers focused education that integrates theory with practical application.  Our training programs offer comprehensive lessons in the theory and application of particular NDT methods, as well as ample opportunities for hands-on experience. 

ATTAR's training programs provide high-impact instruction:

  • in-depth lessons and sectional quizzes covering theory and application
  • practical, hands-on experience
  • valuable interaction with trainers who possess the knowledge and industry experience to give direction to any NDT program


ATTAR can train and qualify personnel, as well as being the pathway to certification.  We offer state-of-the art training to suit your needs:

  •  multitude of NDT disciplines
  • public training
  • basic & advanced techniques (Lev 1, 2 &3)
  • private/on-site training
  • customised courses
  • personnel qualification
  • ancillary courses in related disciplines
  • examination
  • practical experience preparation only classes
  • complementary Level 3 consulting services


Consider what the National Science Foundation says about careers in NDT:

“NDT plays a big role in keeping our world safe and is used to test many of the things that you come in contact with everyday... As a career field, non destructive testing offers many opportunities, and there is a big demand for technicians and engineers trained in NDT.”

To discuss how ATTAR can support your training and certification requirements, contact us today.