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Pressure Vessels Inspection

In-Service Inspection of Pressure Vessels

Course Overview

ATTAR delivers a high quality training program into the roles, requirements and
techniques of In-Service Inspection of Pressure Vessels. This course emphasises
the requirements of AS3788-2006.


Module 1

An introduction to Non-destructive testing, with a focus on the common methods
and techniques used in pressure vessel inspection. Both theoretical and practical
training will be provided.
Note: Candidates who already hold formal NDT qualifications may be exempted from
this module.


Module 2

Focuses on the requirements of AS3788-2006. Both theoretical and practical
training will be provided with a focus on:
- Pressure Vessel Types and common modes of failure
- Safety devices and measures
- Inspection techniques
- Assessment and reporting
- Inspector responsibilities and administration


Skills & Benefits

  • This course will assist candidates in their preparation for AICIP ISI examinations.
  • An 80 hour, intensive course focusing on the roles, requirements and techniques of in-service inspection of pressure vessels with emphasis on the requirements of
  • AS3788-2006.
  • In-depth lessons integrating theory and application
  • Ample opportunities for practical, hands-on experience
  • Valuable interaction with trainers who possess the knowledge and industry experience
  • Value for money; our course fees include: training, course material and supply of equipment required for practical exercises.

Further Information

Please click here to Download a full version fo the In-Service Inspection of Pressure Vessels brochure
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Tracey Herbert on 03 9574 6144 or email us direct on