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Expert Witness Team

ATTAR’s Investigation Team Includes:

Dr Gary Martin MIEAust CPEng CMP

Having established ATTAR in 1986, Gary is the Technical Director, Engineering. Gary has over 35 years experience in Metallurgy and Materials Failure Analysis and 25 years as an Expert Witness. He has extensive experience in failure analysis of engineering materials in the building, power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, aviation and transport industries.

David Padfield BEng (Mat) Hons Grad MIEAust

David is ATTAR’s Senior Materials Engineer, involved in materials failure investigations, metallurgical examinations and slip resistance testing. He has conducted accident and incident investigations in relation legal matters, including inspections for compliance to relevant Standards and Codes.

David Lake BAppSc (Hons)

ATTAR's Managing Director, David is the Vice President of the Forensic Engineering Society of Australia, a member of the AINDT (Australian Institute of Non Destructive Testing) and Materials Australia, as well as currently leading the working group for Australian Corrosion Association’s PCPI (Petroleum and Chemical Processing Industry) Working Group, which is looking at Risk Based Inspections from a corrosion engineer’s point of view.  David is on the Board of Directors of the Welding Technology Institute of Australila (WTIA), and possesses many years of experience in welding technologies.
David adds extensive experience in the management of process improvement, engineering, and inspection in the manufacturing sector to our engineering team.