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Floor Consulting / Slip Testing

Slips, trips and falls constitute a large and costly public health problem: costs due to slips, trips and falls in Australian buildings are estimated at $4billion annually; hospitalization costs alone average ~ $1.3 billion per year. Faced with a multitude of regulations, designers, manufacturers, distributors, installers, contractors and architects specifying floor products must comply with their “Duty of Care’ to ensure that surfaces are fit for purpose and do not pose a safety risk.

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With over 25 years experience, ATTAR is a leading provider of floor consultancy services, offering NATA accredited assessments to mitigate your risk of accident and personal injury claims, as well as  manage your floor’s performance, resulting in specific cost reduction strategies for ATTAR clients. 

We have expertise in a range of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, granite, slate, marble, natural stone, clay pavers, concrete paving blocks and flags, cement, timber, resin finishes, PVC and other flexible materials, glass, metals and plastics, and can easily provide slip resistance testing, and comprehensive floor consulting services, to:

  •     Manufacturers:  Our materials engineering team will work with you to improve your product
  •     Architects: Assessment of  the slip resistance of specified products
  •     Contractors: Ensure that products are fit for application prior to installation
  •     End users/Facilities Managers: Risk assessments as well as advice on remedial work, slip incident investigation
  •     Detergent manufacturers and cleaners: Ensure cleaning products do not affect slip resistance, yet are efficacious and cost effective.


1.  Risk Assessments


Dry Floor Friction

Wet Barefoot Ramp


Wet Pendulum

Oil Wet Ramp

  •  Comprehensive
    • Evaluations may include lighting, distractions, activities, stairs, slopes, contamination, etc.
    • Initial assessments; ongoing monitoring programs
    • Remediation Advice


2.  Floor Consulting

  • Fitness for Intended Use/Application
  • Durability & Accelerated Wear Testing
  • New Material Specifications
  • Maintenance Schemes
  • Installation Advice
  • Surface Treatments
  • Ongoing Monitoring Programs
  • Remedial Advice


3.  Slip Incident Investigations


4.  Equipment Sales, Calibration & Repair


Australian Standards Committee

ATTAR is an active member of Australian Standards Committee for Slip Resistance Testing BD-094.