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Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a systematic engineering approach used to determine how and why a component or equipment has failed. The goal of a failure analysis is to understand the root cause and mechanism of the failure, which can then be used to resolve manufacturing issues, as well as  ascertain liability.

ATTAR has nearly 30 years of experience determining the root cause and failure mechanism for a wide range of clients including insurance, legal and industrial companies, as well as government agencies.

  • Determination of root cause and failure mode
  • Assessment of contributing factors
  • Understandable reports & testimony
  • Extensive experience with courts and other tribunals
  • Solutions to material and mechanical problems

Radiographic Imaging

Radiographic Imaging

Common causes of failure include misuse or abuse, manufacturing defects, fabrication/construction defects, use of improper materials, assembly errors, improper maintenance, design errors, improper heat treatments, inadequate quality assurance,  unforeseen operating conditions and casting discontinuities.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Material Failures: metallurgical, polymers, ceramics, composites
  • Mechanical engineering and design
  • Accident & Incident Investigations
  • Compliance assessments including slip resistance
  • Corrosion
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Risk Based Inspections and structural integrity assessments
  • Welding

Pitting Corrosion: 430 Stainless Steel

Pitting Corrosion in 430 Stainless Steel



  • Consumer and industrial products
  • Manual Handling
  • Structures
  • Machines and equipment
  • Materials Handling
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Industrial accidents
  • Engineering failures
  • Slip incidents
  • Transport: equipment/infrastructure
  • Building materials
  • Public liability



Petrochemical, manufacturing, mining, building/construction, aviation and transport, automotive, food, heavy industry, insurance, legal, rail, Defence, steel, utilities, energy, medical, water.


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Additional Services


Expert Witness Services

ATTAR's Expert Witnesses are suitably prepared for the rigors of deposition and/or trial, with professional training to enhance presentation and credibility, as well as ensuring complex issues are explained in a clear and concise manner.


NDT Consulting, Auditing & Training

Risk Based Inspection Programs

Welding Services

Corrosion Control and Management