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Asset Testing & RBI Programs

                                                                                                           ...integrity assessment & condition monitoring

ATTAR delivers expert, customized and cost-effective Risk Based Inspection technologies for  accurate assessment of an asset's fitness for purpose, compliance with standards, condition and remaining life.  Our structural health monitoring programs help maximise safety and reliability while reducing risk and inspection cost, optimising your assessment routine & maintenance planning, and enabling better decisions in capital investment.

Asset Testing Services

• Acoustic Emission Monitoring
• Transmission Line Corrosion Surveying


Our specialty testing technologies optimise inspections such that further inspection & maintenance activities are prioritised, reducing capital expenditure.


• Global inspection
• Asset remains in service
• Early detection, characterisation and localisation of defects
• Cost reduction
• High sensitivity
• Permanent Record
• Applicable to many types of structures, materials and processes:
o tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, heat affected zones of welds, power transmission lines , inaccessible locations, FRP, composites, high temperature, cryogenic, CUI, stress corrosion cracking, caustic cracking, corrosion fatigue
• Can be used with other destructive and non destructive techniques